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There are many good sites for social communities. There are many awesome sites for shop, for sell. There are many beautiful sites for coupon, deal, for magazines.

Dailymarket is only one site which combine best sollutions for all consumer models to make profitable site. We made customizations and functions for each direction and now, you can use our site as Hub of different extensions. Yes, this means that you can purchase products, sell products, deal, shop, magazine, price comparison, review, etc. Possibilities are really endless because we made unique Connections between user roles, member types, modal login forms, submit forms, post modules, etc.

Here some our unique customizations in our site

User Profiles

  • Customizable PRO accounts
  • Seo improvements for Profiles (including star snippets, and Organization schema)
  • Awesome registration pages including Login pages
  • Improved activity design
  • Custom widgets for profiles
  • Fully responsive including responsive Profile tabs


  • Advanced Member types
  • Connections between Member types and Member roles
  • Creating unique Profile fields for each Member type and role
  • Members full support and customizations
  • Connection between vendor roles and Member roles
  • Restrictions for any unauthorized actions per user membership
  • Conditional shortcodes

User frontend Posting

  • Allow to post only for special roles
  • Fully customizable submit form
  • Add submit form directly to User Profile
  • Possible to add review form in submit form
  • Post a product, post, any post type and custom data
  • Posting rules (option to allow post only definite number of posts per user role)
  • Add gallery fields, maps and other extended fields in form

Vendor functions

  • Full support for WC Vendor plugin
  • Custom awesome store page
  • Synchronization between roles and Member types
  • Frontend posting
  • In most cases you can use WC vendor plugin

Post options

  • More then 10 Post layouts
  • Layouts for deals, for reviews and for regular posts
  • Advanced designs
  • Custom badges
  • Price snippets in archives
  • More than 10 post modules with different design and features
  • Auto contents, many helper shortcodes
  • Special Score box widgets

Deal options

  • Use deals in Posts or in Woocommerce
  • Make deals or coupons
  • Reveal coupon function
  • Store pages
  • Bulk import from xml
  • Expiration for deals
  • 3 post deal modules
  • Offer boxes
  • Frontend Posting for deals
  • Advanced woocommerce and post layouts for deals

Affiliate options

  • Full and free support
  • Price alerts, price drops, price history
  • Allows to show price snippets
  • Special Auto post layouts for Price comparison sites
  • Price updates
  • More than 10 additional output templates
  • Autoblog

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